Azaz in Print

“Azaz has no emotional or sentimental attitude to materials – he conceives in whatever material he uses.”
Grosvenor Gallery, London, 1965


In this section we will adding materials such as essays, articles and other historical documents that cover the artistic career of Nehemia Azaz. 


October 2018 Nehemia Azaz - The "Forgotten" Artist, an essay by Julia Weiner.

נחמיה עזז – האמן “הנשכח“, מאת גיליה ויינר



Over the coming months, we will be adding other interesting references, articles and reviews from the Nehemia Azaz Archives.



Links & references

Nehemia Azaz's international career spanned several continents, where he was also known as Henri, Nechemia, Nehemiah and NH Azaz.


1. The Israel Museum Information Center for Israeli Art catalogue.

2. Smithsonian American Art Museums Art Inventories Catalog", Henri Azaz List entries

3. Nehemia Azaz on Wikipedia

4. Israel Architecture Archive, Works by NH Azaz



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Nehemia Azaz

The Nehemia Azaz archive is a work in progress. We would be grateful for any photographs, documentation or information about his artworks.

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